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 הגורמטים שלנו מעוצבים ומיוצרים בעבודת יד, כל חלק נבחר בקפידה כדי ליצור את הגורמט המושלם. האריזות יוקרתיות והמשלוחים מהירים עד הבית. רוצים שתקבלו את החוויה המושלמת שמגיעה לכם. אם יש לכם שאלות נוספות ודברים שאתם רוצים להסגר עליהם במאה אחוז
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  • How to order?
    Very simple. Find the jewelry you want, choose the length you want and add it to your shopping cart. Choose a complementary piece and add it to your cart. Proceed to checkout. You will be asked to enter your details and pay. After payment, you will receive an email confirming your order. That's it! :) Now, our designer will create the jewelry for you and we will ship it asap so you can wear and enjoy it.
  • Shipping
    Shop with confidence knowing we offer worldwide shipping on all of our products. We're here to bring you the latest and greatest in jewelry and accessories. Enjoy fast and secure worldwide delivery, so you can wear your new pieces with pride. Order now and experience the convenience of worldwide shipping. * FREE SHIPPING - On orders above $80. * Each piece is hand crafted based on the customer's request. (takes up to 2 business days to prepare and pack) * Your order will arrive within a few days. (usually 5-8 business days) * We ship almost worldwide. Please check our destination list to make sure we ship to your country: USA, Canada, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, Great Britian, Germany, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Greece, Japan, Spain, Poland, France, Russia, Switzerland, Denemark, Portugal, Sweden, Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand. For additional countries, please contact our support.
  • In short, what do you get?
    You get the best. - Handmade steel jewelry, carefully designed and assembled so that it turns out perfect. - LaGormet fancy luxury box - Fast shipping - Courteous and fast service - Quality brand that will stay with you for a long time
  • Payment options
    Payment to the store is made through a secure server of the 'Isracard' company. You can pay in several ways: * Payment by credit card * Payment via PayPal * Payment by bank transfer (Contact us) * Crypto payments (Contact us)
  • Warranty
    The best jewelries out there and we stand behind it. The warranty on the jewelries is valid for one year and includes repair in the exceptional cases where the jewelry could be damaged. The warranty on the gold plating of the jewelry is valid for three months. With the gold-plated jewelries , it is recommended to avoid exposure to water and aggressive substances that may most of the time damage the coating. With proper care, the gold plating can last you many years. In order to fulfill the warranty, if there is a problem with the jewelry, you will have to send the jewelry to us for our inspection, in addition to sending the order number and a confirmation email and a detailed explanation of the meaning of the problem. Also, we must be updated with the shipment number (or tracking number) that was sent. The jewelry must be sent to the address: PO Box 3388, Tel Aviv, Israel - LaGormet All costs (repair if necessary and shipping back to you) - on us.
  • Returns and exchanges
    Transaction cancellations will be possible up to 48 hours after the transaction. Returning and/or exchanging products will be possible up to 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. The products must be returned in their original packaging only, when they have not been used and are in completely new condition. Credit and/or exchange of jewelry will be possible only after the jewelry is received by: LaGormet The jewelry must be sent exclusively by registered mail, to the address: PO Box: 3388, Tel Aviv, Israel. for: LaGormet. If you chose to cancel a transaction or replace the jewelry you purchased, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction. * When replacing jewelry, the shipping costs will be applied to the customer.
  • What are the jewelries made of?
    All the jewelry items in the store are made of Stainless Steel 316l. Strong and special, water resistant and maintain a constant shine. Some of the gourmets are 18K gold plated or blackened.With the coated jewelries, you have to behave accordingly and take care of them more in order to keep the coating for a long time. After all it's still plating:)
  • What is Stainless Steel 316l
    Stainless Steel 316l: Simply put, it is steel that does not rust. Extremely strong and (almost) impossible to break. Water resistant and maintains a permanent shine. For a slightly more detailed definition, click here
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